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Network Penetration Testing Services in Dulzura CA, 91917

Hire Race Computer Services specialists for network penetration testing service in Dulzura CA, 91917 at cheaper rates.

Are you looking for Network Penetration Testing Services (pen testing) for your Business Network?
Evaluate Race Computer Services LLC for your Penetration Testing needs.

We can conduct internal and external penetration testing services to reveal your network security vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security is a Changing Industry- and it’s happening FAST

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. Data use is on the rise, and people are becoming more and more reliant on data to survive. The incline of application-driven services in Dulzura CA, 91917, and work-from-home adoption are all detail-oriented aspects of a strong digital transformation in technology over the last several years. And the rate of digital change is happening more rapidly- per Metcalfe’s law.
More employees work from home, and many of them refuse to step foot back into the office for a variety of reasons. As a result, cloud services, work from home, and Virtual Private networks (VPN)’s have become the new norm. We’ve also seen a heavy increase in cryptocurrency usage throughout the world. 

Network Penetration Testing Services in Dulzura CA, 91917

Cyber Attackers are after Your Data

Subsequently- because of the above variables, network and data breaches are continuously on the rise, and they seem to be reaching new all-time highs (on a regular basis). Throughout all of 2020, 2021, and 2022 we’ve seen Cyber Attacks relentlessly on the rise. All the previously stated factors in Dulzura CA, 91917 have turned cybersecurity into a more serious requirement in business (and even personal life) today than ever before.

Small Businesses May Need Penetration Testing Services for:

Pen testing services will help your organization determine how well corporate security processes and procedures hold up against real cyber-attacks. Small Businesses in Dulzura CA, 91917 may need Cybersecurity Pen-Testing for a variety of reasons. One common reason would be due to insurance requirements. Due to increases in attacks, Cyber Insurance Policy requirements have generally become stricter in nature, so cyber insurance companies may instruct a business to conduct a pen test and submit their documentation. This is because it’s very difficult for Insurance companies to maintain profits when they are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for client ransomware attacks (due to ineffective security policies). If you’re not sure what your cyber insurance requires- it would be a good idea to check. 
Here are a few additional reasons organizations may evaluate penetration tests:

  • Peace of mind- relax knowing your data is safe
  • Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Signs of a Cyber Attack or an attack attempt
  • Or maybe your business is growing rapidly- and you want to build it correctly
  • Concerns about Remote workers in Dulzura CA, 91917

Penetration Testing Services in Dulzura CA, 91917

Which services are performed within a Penetration Test or Ethical Hacking Service?

Penetration Testing can encompass any of the following:

  • Running a series of port scanning tools to identify open network access vectors and to identify and characterize a customer’s network environment and overall security level.
  • Running a series of exploit identification tools that test all open access vectors against a large database of known vulnerabilities resulting from servers that are not up to date on security patches, out-of-date firmware/software, poorly configured servers, and devices, and default or common installation passwords.
  • Evaluation of wireless network security by attempting on-site access from publicly accessible locations including parking lots, hallways, bathrooms, and physically adjacent spaces or floors. Identification of security methods utilized by wireless infrastructure and running known exploit tools to gain access
  • Attempt to determine remote access capabilities of the network and perform exploit and brute force attack methods to gain access through remote access infrastructure.
  • Perform remote office security evaluation and testing and determine whether remote sites can be used as a vector into the corporate network through VPNs or other private network infrastructure.
  • Performing brute force account and password attacks using a database of over 40 million possible passwords
  • For devices and servers that are successfully penetrated, Race Computer Services security experts will manually use assorted hacker techniques to extend such exploit vectors to gain an understanding of the full network environment and see how many internal systems can be accessed and compromised. This type of security testing can expose the full scope of the vulnerability of a network environment.
  • Determination of internal and external network addressing configuration through email beaconing techniques
  • Performing various Denial of Service attacks, coordinated with internal senior management to determine whether it is possible to stop or hinder network productivity. Once proof of impact is reported, such testing can be immediately ceased to avoid impact on actual business productivity.

Pen-Testing can Help Outline Vulnerabilities and Reveal Possible Exploit Vectors. Once Vulnerabilities are revealed- you can Take Remedial Action to Improve Cyber Resilience.

Upon completion of the penetration testing service, you will receive thorough documentation. This will provide an organization with a bird’s eye view of the current level of security risks and expose security gaps, as well as information-security weaknesses and possible attack vectors.
Remediating the outlined security risks can be performed (if needed), internally or by another service provider. We can work with you as a trusted advisor throughout the process if we are your Penetration Testing Company in Dulzura CA, 91917. Or we can act as a one-stop solution and become a managed security service provider.
Shhhh! The IT Department doesn’t need to know.
Many Companies Providing the Service in Dulzura CA, 91917 can perform extensive in-depth penetration testing services without the knowledge of internal IT resources. Such testing uncovers the effectiveness of existing security monitoring tools, intrusion detection systems, threat mitigation mechanisms as well as security policies. Additionally, this will help your organization determine how well pre-existing corporate security processes and procedures would hold up against cyber-attacks.

Small Businesses face THESE Key Issues when hiring Network Penetration Testing Service Providers.

Service Clients purchasing Vulnerability Assessments and Network Penetration Testing Services have complained about services received by other security vendors. In many instances, it’s not the fault of the service providers in Dulzura CA, 91917 in question. Oftentimes, client dissatisfaction is just due to the nature of smaller security companies.
Two of the most common issues are pricing and documentation:
Reports Are Not Detailed Enough. It’s one of those things. Documentation. Although it's not looked at as something all that important to certain people, we understand that documentation is a tangible asset associated with services performed, and what vulnerabilities may exist. Race is always thorough with Documentation.
Pricing. Clients have complained about High Rates. When it comes to cybersecurity, sometimes going cheap is asking for disaster- but that doesn’t mean you need to select the most expensive solution provider, as if the price is the only variable. Race will charge a mid-market price

Race Computer Services is a Different breed of Network Penetration Testing Service Provider:

We’ve heard almost all the complaints in the Tech-Services industry, and we’ve managed to grow our business by providing a solution to these common challenges. In many cases, the poor outcome is just due to the nature of One-Man Service Shops, or Two-Person Tech Support companies. One-Man Companies have a limited-service delivery model. We have solved this.
Our Platform-Style business model enables us to rapidly adapt to changes such as client-demand fluctuation or rapid service adjustments to different technology services in Dulzura CA, 91917. Most of our clients enjoy cost savings as well as a rapid response type of service- especially when both occur with the same service provider.
 We accomplish this achievement by staffing a back-end support team and building relationships with independent Technicians in Dulzura CA, 91917 with different specialties in a variety of different areas. We provide these service vendors with a variety of assets and value-added materials, and we use this to build a Service Partner Distribution Network. Our documentation enables both parties to work collaboratively, effectively, and in constant synchronization. The result from the client perspective is a completely scalable service model, adaptive to workload, service type, and budgeting requirements (simultaneously).

For larger enterprise businesses, Race Computer Services can perform additional tasks specific to your business requirements. Just let us know what type of service add-on you may be interested in.

If Your Business is interested to proceed- This is how our process would work:

  1. We would collect a few technical and operational details regarding your business
  2. We’ll Setup a time to conduct the services
  3. The Network Penetration Testing Services are performed
  4. After the successful network penetration test is complete- we will gather our data and create a detail-oriented report which identifies the security gaps within your network.
  5. We will provide your team with a copy of the report, then we will review the security gap analysis with your team.
  6. We can help you develop a plan to remediate the security concerns in a way that suits you. You can handle this internally or you can contract with us, or an outside vendor.
  7. We can provide a project pricing for remediation services as needed.
  8. We can provide a second price-point if the remediation effort is a tenant for our ongoing Managed Information Security Services Program (MSSP). This program would have a separate set of requirements. We also provide Cyber Security Awareness Training. This includes monitoring for suspicious events, monitoring computer systems, reporting anomalous traffic, ongoing security audits, and monthly reporting for information related to monitored systems. Additionally, we integrate management-level technology tasks into the rest of your business, in a way where your team is aware of everything.

Is Race Computer Services the Professional Cyber Security Service provider to conduct a Network Penetration Testing Service?

With so many service providers and companies in Dulzura CA, 91917 out there offering Cyber Penetration Testing Security Services- it’s hard to honestly say that we are "The Vulnerability Assessment Company." However, we can get the job done reliably. We strive to be a competitive, top-tier national cyber-security service provider by offering a unique total value proposition with white-glove support.
Our services are designed to provide easy access to cost-effective Cyber Security Services in Dulzura CA, 91917 designed to reveal risks, determine strategy, and in turn beef up Security Policies and Security Controls. We offer enterprise-level services at a more cost-effective price point.

Are You ready to Take The Next Step in Protecting your Business Data- Setup a Call with us to discuss a Network Penetration Testing Service?

Take the next step in protecting your business information. Network Penetration Test or Ethical Hacking. 
Contact us today. Tell us more about your business, tell us what you’re looking for as far as penetration testing or other cybersecurity-related services you might be interested in.
Feel free to reach out using the method of communication you prefer. Fill out the contact form on the right, submit your information- or call the main number. If it's for an insurance request, just let us know. Also- if you would like a “sample Pen test report” – Just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Network Penetration Test or "Pen Test"- and how does it work?

Network Penetration Tests are also known as Ethical Hacking. This is a type of vulnerability assessment that will reveal weak points or open threat vectors in network systems. In the network penetration testing process, an Authorized Cybersecurity Expert or Computer Security Professional (penetration tester) will evaluate a network's security. They will attempt to break into the network by simulating real-world cyber-attacks using advanced hacking techniques. Just like a real hacker would use to gain unauthorized access. Pen Testers will isolate network security risks by attempting to execute known vulnerabilities on internal systems and associated services to bypass various security controls.

2. Do We need a Monthly Support Contract for Penetration Testing Services From Race Computer Services?

We don’t always require a longer term support contract, but it can help us reduce initial project or consulting pricing significantly. In certain cases, ongoing services are more of a requirement. It depends on your business needs.

3. Is Race Computer Services considered a Penetration Testing Organization?

Race Computer Services is a recognized Cybersecurity Consulting Services Organization. We are equipped to provide Network Penetration Testing Services. Our Network Penetration Testers are oftentimes external resources, but they integrate into the rest of our technology and cybersecurity as an internal team member would- due to our onboarding processes.

4. Is Race Computer Services equipped to Conduct a Penetration Testing Services for Larger Enterprise Sized Businesses?

Race Computer Services provides Penetration Testing Services more typically for Large Scale Businesses and Enterprise Level Organizations. This is because Penetration Testing Services are oftentimes cost-prohibitive for small businesses to conduct on a regular basis. Penetration Testing does, however; provide a detail-oriented identification of security gaps, and for that reason, they are a staple within mandated compliance requirements. Additionally, larger-scale businesses with larger amounts of personal data may also require them for a variety of reasons.

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