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Managed Data Backup Services in Carlsbad CA, 92008

Hire us for the Managed Data Storage and Choose the expert managed service provider in Carlsbad CA, 92008.

Is your Business looking for a Go-To Partner for Managed Data Backup?
Evaluate Race Computer Services As your Strategic Technology Partner For your Managed Data Storage needs.

Race can help with Managed Backup Services in a cost-effective way.

Data is the world’s most Valuable Resource:

Managed Data Backup Services in Carlsbad CA, 92008

Data has recently overtaken oil as the world’s most valuable resource. Consequently, the business need for data storage is on the rise, and it's happening at a rate that we can barely keep track of. Additionally-its rate of expansion is even growing faster month by month. We are here to steer you in the right direction as far as your cloud data storage options.
If your business is small, or your data usage is 15 GB or less, (or even 15 GB per user or less) you have a relatively large number of low-cost (or even free) cloud storage options available to you. If each user stores their own data- and you don't have a ton of important or mission-critical data that needs to be backed up in case of an emergency, you probably have a number of options. Each organization is different. We would opt to provide a cost-effective solution in Carlsbad CA, 92008, something that might be readily available if possible. If your business has more sophisticated needs, an “off-the-shelf” cloud data storage solution like google cloud may not be an effective solution for you. In those instances- we can develop a customized storage solution designed specifically for your business. 

When it comes to Data Storage, Businesses Find Problems:

Small Businesses run into a variety of challenges when it comes to data storage and data management as well as disaster recovery and business continuity aspects of IT. Backup solutions can have a variety of different caveats associated with them- in the case of online backup services, most of them look like they are free, but many of them are not functional. It might take several hours (or more) to figure out which one is a good service.

Many Businesses Seek Tech Consultants and Tech Support Agencies to help them to Resolve the original issue, only to find MORE PROBLEMS:

Sometimes it seems like IT Support Consultants in Carlsbad CA, 92008 are a dime-a-dozen until it comes time for the bill. It wouldn't be the first time a client has come to us complaining about a bill from another IT guy, and sometimes it's for hours when they weren't even performing services. There are many reasons this kind of thing might happen, but it's not acceptable. The first persistent complaint is High Prices. The second big complaint is SLOW SERVICE.
The reason it seems many IT Services are operating this way is that they are stuck in-between a rock and a hard place. There is no effective billing model for a business consisting of 1 or 2 technicians. There is no efficient service delivery model for a 2-man-shop either. You might get a budget-friendly tech support person, but it's a shot in the dark.

Race Computer Services is Different:

Our Platform-Style Business model in Carlsbad CA, 92008 enables us to provide unique value over the competition. A good combination of service delivery and pricing makes us very effective and unique in the marketplace.
While most small service providers (1-2 man shops) present a large portion of the computer support marketplace, they don't makeup 100% of the market. When you Evaluate Race in comparison to a 2-man or 3-man tech consulting shop in Carlsbad CA, 92008, it's easy to see that we're a more efficient solution. We have better response times at a comparable price point and more refined service delivery processes.
While most Managed IT Services Companies require you to use their full technology stack, we don’t. You can use as much or as little of our stack as you like if we feel comfortable supporting the solution. When it comes to managed data backup, we can manage just the data backup portion of your business technology needs. While it's not common to outsource just the data backup aspect of your business technology- it is an option.

Managed IT Services Versus Managed Data backup:

Managed Services and Managed Data Backup are not mutually exclusive. Managed data backup is a tenant of Managed Services, and it can be offered as part of a Managed Services Program in Carlsbad CA, 92008, or on its own. Generally- Managed Services enable a small business to outsource a certain aspect of technology responsibility to an outside company. 

Managed IT Services in Carlsbad CA, 92008

Race Computer Services For Large-Scale Data Solutions:

We help enterprises manage this ever-growing and increasingly valuable big data, with data storage systems. Race Computer Services LLC can help select, design, and implement enterprise storage solutions, and data backup, from direct-attached storage to network-attached storage, SAN, software-defined storage, copy data management, and BCDR.
Race Computer Services in Carlsbad CA, 92008 can help you navigate your options, design, configure, integrate and deploy a custom data storage solution for your needs. We collaboratively determine how to leverage technology to your advantage, considering cloud models, software solutions, software-defined infrastructure, and converged and hyper-converged solutions.

A Fully Managed Data Backup Solution for your BUSINESS:

Our team can tailor a Complete Technology Outsourcing in Carlsbad CA, 92008 to fit your business needs and goals. Sometimes a Cloud-Based data storage solution isn’t a good choice, depending on several different variables. In either case, we can design a cloud storage system, an on-prem system, or a hybrid data storage system, depending on your needs and your budget as well. In many cases, we’ll design a system that uses a combination of on-premises storage with cloud-based backups as an added layer.

Is Race Computer Services the Professional-Managed Service Provider for your Company’s for your Managed Data Solution?

With so many data storage services available in the market, it’s hard to honestly say that we are the "Professional Managed Services Company." We strive to be a competitive, top-tier service provider in Carlsbad CA, 92008 by offering a unique total value proposition. The real answer to this question is: "It Depends on your business requirements."
If your business needs a budget-oriented solution and doesn't require a large amount of data storage, we have a lower-tiered service available for our managed IT support service clients in Carlsbad CA, 92008. If you're a larger business and you need a more sophisticated technical solution that has several layers to it, we can design a custom solution for you, but it will be on the more expensive side. We’ll have no problem effectively managing the data for your business.
In all cases, we strive to be competitive. If you evaluate cost, response time, reliability, knowledge across the board, efficiency, and effectiveness- you will see that we are priced very competitively. Collectively, our tech team covers all areas where small to medium-sized business may rely on their IT partner.

If You’re Ready to Take Your Data Needs to the next step, there is no obligation:

Contact us today using the method of communication you prefer. Tell us more about your data storage needs, and business goals. We will be happy to explore your project and determine how we can assist.
We will review your information and get back to you with pricing, in a timely format. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do We need a Monthly Support Contract for Managed Data Backup Services From Race Computer Services?

The answer is-yes. All Managed Services are ongoing services. We can offer non-managed services without a monthly attached service charge.

2. Does Race Computer Services adopt any specific Data Security frameworks regarding Data Protection Policies?

We use server Data Center Service providers for most of our managed data services. Each one has slightly different characteristics. We match your services with a solution that fits your business. For small businesses, we use standard services. For organizations that require higher levels of security, we can design a system that makes sense according to the particular needs of the business or organization in question.

3. Is Race Computer Services Equipped to provide Data Services for Larger Enterprise Sized Businesses?

Race Computer services provides Data Solutions for Larger Enterprise Businesses as well as small businesses. You can have a look at our Data Solutions for Enterprise Businesses Page Please reach out if you’re interested in finding out more.

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Rob – Springfield Candy

We’ve remained a loyal customer because they provide consistent, diligent, and excellent service

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